Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 4: 6/8/11... If the Bus is a-Rockin', Don't Sit on the Top Level of the Bus

     Not a whole heck of a lot to talk about this day. Mostly I had breakfast, packed, and started this blog. I stayed in the hotel's lobby and messed around on the interweb.

    Soon after it was time to catch the bus back to Buenos Aires. I had intended to go ultra-fancy, so I chose the company Crucero del Norte. Unfortunately, the schedule was wrong, so I had to go the same level I had on the way up.

    After an hour or so of the trip, I figured out some basic geometry. See, all the buses are double decker. I had sat on the lower level on the way up, but tried the upper this time. It turns out that a rocking bus is like an upside down pendulum. Not so much movement at the center, lots at the top. Luckily there was lots of room below. Unluckily I had a hard time asking permission from the bus boss. When I tried to ask, he gave me a terse "Don't understand" and turned away. But my ipod saved the day, and I was able to look up "abajo" for "below" and along with a lot of pointing, that was enough.

    No bus wine this time. I got bus whiskey! I'm not a whiskey drinker at all, so bus whiskey was sufficient for me.

    What else? There was a lady across the aisle that peed many many times.

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