Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 14: 6/18/11...MMMEEEAATT

    A slow day after the strenuous Colonia trek. It was also still overcast and drizzly, so I was in no hurry to get out.

    Breakfast was very interesting – the Americans invaded! I met some fellow travelers, all of whom were great, and all of us from 4 contiguous states – NY, CT, RI, and MA. We talked a long time about language, travels, and all sorts of other things. Andy from NY by way of CA, and Pam and Joe from RI. Andy had just delivered Cars 2 for Disney in his luggage to Argentina, and Pam worked for an international educational company – which sounded very interesting. By the time we all were done with breakfast, it was getting pretty late.

     I got out to the last museum that I was really interested in, the Sivori Museum – named after Senor Sivori, a painter of great renown. It was located within this sort of Central Park-ish area, with lots and lots of joggers working off their pastries, bikers, and a pond with geese.
The museum was really great! I liked it quite a bit. The main exhibit was a woman who had a very long history of work and many different styles over the years. The artist was there herself, just sort of chilling in her seat. So I thought she was just a museum guard until I saw a selection of newspaper articles about her with her picture. I tried to suggest how much I liked her stuff and she could tell.  But I wasn’t able to communicate to her that they had hung one of her pictures upside down.

    Once again the gift shop was a swing and a miss – nothing for my demographic and price range. Just lots of books I couldn’t read and bookmarks to buy for them. Plus bric-a-brac. (I just wanted to use that phrase and I rarely get the chance.)

    My next stop was that crazy festival, but as I was getting there a huge thunderstorm got in the way. So no luck. Volcanoes and thunderstorms breakin’ my stride. I shudder to think what awaits me in Peru.
I caught a cab and it was a really fun experience. This guy was a ye olde Argentinian and he had tango music cranked up and was singing along in that same semi-operatic voice that was on the CD. Very dramatic with over-wrought emotions and macho drama. It was especially funny combined with his own particular style of insane cab driving.

    He dropped me at the meat restaurant that the Lollettes had recommended as a very local and good place. The Americans had occupied here, too! They waved me over and we had a great meal, conversation, and wine. I finally got the really good steak Argentina promised me! Being experienced travelers, they told me it’s very common to make friends like this abroad. Probably because you have so many experiences and suggestions to share, as well as the relief of the common language. (I almost said “common tongue” but that sounds fetish-like. But also yet another good band name. “Friday only at the Metrodome, Common Tongue featuring special guests, Big Brown Possums. Weeeee weedlyweedlyweedly weeeeeyyump.”)

    That’s about it for my last Buenos Aires evening. A great ending to a great visit.

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