Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 11: 6/15/11...What an Ash Hole

       Damn. I thought I would be safe. But it looks like I'm not going to get to Patagonia because of the volcano. I really have no idea about any of the flight situation - it changes from hour to hour. According to plan, I should be packed tonight and at the airport at 5am. But my flight just disappeared from the system altogether. Now the fun of trying to get refunds begins.

      I'm bummed that I may not get to see the glaciers, but I'm seriously not going to get down about it. Time to make lemonade. It's still looking good for me to get to Cuzco on Sunday because it's to the north. I'll ride a llama there if I have to.

      Being in limbo sucks, though, because they might still try to get me to go and stay for one night so they don't have to give me a refund. I don't know, sounds possible. The hotel ladies, whom I will now dub the Lolletes for convenience.) have been unbelievable. They spent all day on the phone and internet on my behalf while I dillied and dallied. They are really amazing. It must be because I say "gracias" every 45 seconds.

      So now what? Well, there are still things for me to see and do. The Lollettes also mentioned some side trips I could take. So we'll see - things are still fluxing.

      Today was rainy, so I didn't feel gung ho about getting out early. Plus I've seen almost all the museums I wanted, with a few exceptions. So since it was gloomy I decided it would be a great day to go take pictures in the Recoleta cemetery. (Where Evita is decomposing.) I originally didn't care about going, but everyone hyped it up so I went. It was pretty damn cool, and I think I got some good photos. Sadly I ran out of time, so I'll probably go back again to take more pictures tomorrow.

      Strangely, that's about all I accomplished today. I'm wondering if I went into a brief coma because that can't be everything. No toilet naps... Maybe Evita lured me into her crypt and forced me watch the movie with Madonna?

      I took a picture of the big obelisk, and the outside of the big opera house. Visited a very cool one-room gallery of art owned by the bank upstairs. A lot of walking and wandering and a couple wrong turns. I tried another steak but it still wasn't a wow. I'll have to ask the Lollettes where to go.

     Despite everything, though, it was still an enjoyable day.

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